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Case Studies


Anthonys Travel IP CCTV Upgrade

Anthonys Travel have been a PSI customer for the last 3 years, we originally took them on as a maintenance customer to look after their existing CCTV system which was a mixture of old cameras installed by various companies over the years.

Due to the age and quality of the cameras they decided to upgrade to an ip CCTV system. We supplied and installed 20 Hikvision high definition ip cameras. All of which are recorded onto a 32 channel Network Video Recorder (NVR). The NVR is sat on their own network which allows the management team to access the CCTV from anywhere in the world.

Because of the layout of the site with remote buildings and garages we have installed wireless bridges as it is not possible to install cables between the buildings. These bridges are connected to network switches at either end which allows us to transmit images back to the main office across wireless. The bridges are over 100m apart and have a maximum range of 1.5Km.


Warrington Tackle & Guns

Warrington Tackle & Guns were subjected to the awful situation of having a member of their staff attacked during a robbery. They had a CCTV system in place but unfortunately the thieves had managed to stay out of the view of the cameras.

PSI where contacted to review there existing setup and improve the coverage.

We removed the existing CCTV system and installed a new IP system. Installing 3MP bullet cameras throughout the shop and the external perimeter, all with built in infra red LED's linked back to a NVR. We have provided Warrington Tackle & Guns with total coverage of their premises.

The system is setup for remote monitoring allowing the shop owner to view the images as and when they need to.

This is a snapshot taken from the playback of the shops NVR. Click to see the image full size.


Taylor Business Park, Risley, Warrington

PSI have just upgraded the Access Control to the Lorry Park within Taylor Business Park. The Lorry Park has an automated gate and the old Access Control had been causing problems. The long range key fobs were no longer available to purchase, the software would no longer run and the fobs that were still operational where at best temperamental.

PSI supplied and installed a Paxton Net2+ system to control the entry/exit of the vehicles through the gate.

We did this using Paxtons Long Range Reader along with Net2Air hands free keycards. Paxton states that this equipment has a maximum read range of 50m, we activated the gate from 75m away.

The system is linked to a PC which is 400m away from the gate in the security lodge. This PC has Paxtons Net2 software which logs the entries and allows security to switch the keycards on and off.


The Grange School, Hartford, Cheshire

View The Grange installation in the Gallery
Simon Dorset, Operations Director of The Grange School in Hartford, approached PSI and asked us to provide the school with an Access Control Solution for two separate Automated Gates. The gates were being fitted at the school to improve the school’s security. Simon also asked that the solution incorporate ID cards, which all members of Staff were to wear and visitors were to be issued with as they signed in at the main reception.

John Ratcliffe of PSI describes the solution: ‘We provided The Grange Senior School with a Progeny system, controlled by Progeny’s Doors Enterprise Software. The controllers allowed us to install the system on to The Grange Schools existing IT network. The Doors Enterprise software allowed us to create ISO thin proximity technology ID cards, with The Grange School logo and the Staff’s individual picture printed to their card. Using the card design software we also created Visitor cards and Contractor cards. The cards were then set with individual access levels restricting the times and days they were allowed access to the school.

Simon Dorset describes how PSI produced the solution: ‘I had been looking for an integrated and cost effective method of introducing an identity and access control system for the school. PSI offered a really comprehensive, flexible system that was powerful in its delivery yet very user friendly. The installation required co-ordination with 3 contractors and PSI worked extremely well in this multi-contractual environment. What has impressed me with PSI is that they took the time to explain each step and delivered a system that has exceeded our expectations. Access to the school site has been made much more secure yet actually easier for our staff due to the simplicity of the system. In addition, PSI were competitive on price and responsive to our needs. Consequently, they have been awarded further work from the school.’